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What Our Clients Are Saying...

“I have used Geoff exclusively while being employed at 2 different firms. He is passionate about his craft and is really easy to work with. I am always confident that I will get good images. His architectural background gives him wonderfully unique perspective; he was able to make a pipe yard look beautiful!”
-Amber TImmermeyer, J E Dunn Construction

"Vibrant photos, great turnaround time and availability- that’s what you can expect from G. Lyon Photography, Inc." - Kaitlyn Boeker, O'Donnell Snider Construction

"Geoff Lyon is a great photographer. He embeds everything I need to know into his images, making my cataloging job easy. I wish all the project photographers were like him." - Holly Sabiston - Page

"The combination of Geoff's education as an architect and passion for photography allows him to capture the essence of a project. He listens to our suggestions, works quickly and diligently, and goes to great lenghts to get the perfect shot. Our project managers have been extremely pleased with his work, as have our clients and other consultants on the projects." - Brenda Nowicke, W.S. Bellows Inc.

"G. Lyon Photography, Inc. is the best in the industry. Geoffrey and his team go above and beyond to problem solve and coordinate with other parties involved." - Kaitlyn Boeker, O'Donnell Snider Construction

"Geoff Lyon is a talented, personable photographer who I've used and will use again on past projects. I enjoy working with Geoff because he's very client-friendly. Patient, thorough, professional...he uses his soft skills well in helping me sell the value of his services to decision-makers on my end. I highly recommend using Geoff." - Dane Kerne